Our Services

The machines come with full one year parts and labor warranty and thereafter the owner has the option to get a basic maintenance contract or extended maintenance and service contract. We offer technical service for all car parking systems in Ontario, Canada.

24 / 7 Emergency Repair Service

If you should have any problems or concerns regarding your car lifter, you may give us a call at (647) 836-4180. We will make every effort to arrive on site within 60 minutes of your call.

24 hour service and repairs

Maintenance Intervals

In general, a simple stacker must be serviced at least once per year (twice yearly is recommended). In multi-family residential (like condominiums) service twice per year is highly recommended. Depending on the type of machine and its usage, some projects will require service to be conducted more regularly. High traffic areas or valet parking require to be serviced on quarterly basis.

Cleaning Service

We offer cleaning service for all our systems. The following options are available; once, twice, or four times per year. Cleaning is crucial given the environment in Canada (salt on the road spreads to lifter platforms and if not removed will cause severe damage).

Car Parking System Cleaning Includes:

  1. All car lifters from the top.
  2. All car lifters on the bottom.
  3. All concrete pits.
  4. All posts resting on the concrete.
  5. Whole concrete floor in the garage.

Romax Residential Parking Solutions offers a variety of parking systems; from simple car lifts requiring no pit construction, to car stackers and home car elevators.